An Odessy of HIV Infected mother!

In a nutshell, the book Indomimatble Susan with HIV is an odessy of how a single mother infected with the vulnerable disease of HIV raised her daughter.

Talking about the plot, Susan is a Bengali woman who loses her father at a young age and how the society reacts, showing the ugly side of humans. Susan’s mother being a single parent starts working as a clerk in a college and unintentionally starts ignoring her children. Feeling mentally depressed and deprived of sufficient care and love, she finds solace in a man named Sanjay and married her without the permission of her mother and siblings.

Knowing this Susan’s family break all her ties with her but here’s a plot twist- Sanjay had a secret. He was infected with HIV.
Later, Sanjay deserted her, and Susan got blessed with a daughter.

Susan was infected with HIV and her ordeals to raise her daughter. She had carried big dreams in her eyes for her daughter. Will she be able to achieve them?

Professor Mukopadhyay has written the book in such a manner that engages the reader till the end and takes us to the emotional ride of being a single parent, not forgetting the in depth study of how vulnerable HIV is and how it can be avoided.

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