Chinese tech giant Alibaba is planning to launch its own AI, called Tongyi Qianwen

Alibaba, a Chinese tech giant, has presented a plan to introduce a competitor to the currently established Artificial Intelligence (AI) ChatGPT with their own designed product called “Tongyi Qianwen.”

The company’s cloud computing division says it will incorporate the chatbot into all of Alibaba’s business entities in the “near future,” although it did not provide a date.

Global IT firms have recently debuted their own “generative AI chatbots” in recent months.

Alibaba stated that it was developing a ChatGPT competitor earlier this year. The term Tongyi Qianwen loosely translates to “seeking an answer by posing a thousand questions,” yet Alibaba has not provided an English translation of the moniker.

The company also said that its AI Tongyi Qianwen, which is able to work in two languages—Chinese and English—can also be added to “DingTalk, Alibaba’s workplace messaging app.” This will also be able to perform multiple tasks, like turning discussions in meetings into written notes, drafting business proposals, and sending emails.

Alibaba is also planning to introduce it in its voice assistant smart speaker, Tmall Genie, similar to Amazon’s Alexa.

Since November, when Microsoft backed OpenAI and introduced ChatGPT, the interest in generating AI has escalated.

ChatGPT uses the global web as it existed in 2021 as its database and can respond to inquiries in a manner that is natural and human-like, as well as mimic various writing styles.

Microsoft introduced ChatGPT in its search engine Bing in February and spent billions of dollars on this technology.

A group of prominent tech industry professionals demanded last month that the development of potent AI systems be put on hold due to concerns that they could pose a threat to humans. Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, and Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, are among those who signed an open letter highlighting potential dangers and claiming that the race to develop AI systems has gotten out of hand.

Meanwhile, according to a recent projection from the investment bank Goldman Sachs, AI might eventually replace “300 million full-time jobs.”

Earlier this month, Italy became the first Western country to restrict ChatGPT because of privacy concerns.

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