Google will soon launch AI in its core search engine

Google made a bogus announcement by saying that it was going to introduce “artificial intelligence” to its “core search engine.”

The decision was taken after GPT-4 was installed by Microsoft in its “Bing Search engine” earlier this year.

The technology will only be accessible to a select group of users and is still in the “experimental” stage.

The business also revealed a new feature for Google’s Android operating system that will proactively alert customers about suspicious AirTags, tiny devices designed to track personal objects like keys and wallets.

The declaration followed last week’s statement by Apple and Google that they were coordinating efforts to solve the issue.

The announcement was made at the annual developer conference of Google, where business executives bragged about the newest developments in AI and new technology, including a $1,799 (£1,425) phone that opens and shuts like a book.

The firm said that it would be deleting the waitlist for “Bard,” a conversational chat service that is now in testing mode and will be released in 180 countries and territories.

After the meteoric rise of ChatGPT, a competitor chatbot financed by Microsoft, Google has been under pressure to improve its artificial intelligence products.

In February, while the company was attempting to demonstrate its credentials in the industry, it was discovered that Bard had provided an erroneous response to a question in an advertisement meant to demonstrate its talents.

Investors are closely watching how the tech giants’ AI efforts turn out, as evidenced by the incident’s $100 billion (£82 billion) impact on parent firm Alphabet’s share price.

Following a significant investment in OpenAI, the firm that created ChatGPT, Microsoft is integrating it into its search engine, Bing. The Ernie chatbot is a creation of the Chinese internet company Baidu.

Google, a market leader, is ideally positioned to gain from the interest in AI, according to Chirag Dekate, a Gartner analyst.

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