H3N2 Influenza In India: Doctors Suggest People Use Caution And Avoid Self-Medication

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For some time now, cases of the influenza A subtype H3N2 virus have been suddenly spreading throughout the whole nation of India. Health professionals and experts have undoubtedly expressed alarm about it. Thousands of these cases have been reported in the last several months by numerous hospitals around the nation. This illness’s symptoms include a fever that lasts for three to five days and a cough that lasts for at least three weeks.

It is essential to strive to stay safe because this illness is seriously damaging the lungs. Medical professionals have recommended a few safety precautions and rules that people should follow in order to prevent this outbreak. According to specialists, this virus appears around this time every year, but it also undergoes a process of antigenic drift where it changes over time. Several years ago, the H1N1 virus created a pandemic; however, the current circulating form of that virus is H3N2, making it a typical influenza strain. Those with co-morbidities are significantly more at risk, so they need to take caution, according to experts.

In response to the current influenza outbreak, the ICMR has released a warning urging people to abstain from self-medication and antibiotic use. The majority of individuals aren’t using masks, according to medical authorities, and this influenza is spreading in part as a result.

“The ICMR rules should be followed, and we have encouraged our clinics to be ready and guarantee a sufficient supply of medications for our fever clinics. As antibiotics can kill healthy bacteria in the body, we’ve told all of our fever clinics to hold off on dispensing them right now.”

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