Milestone Moment as Hindu Woman Nominates for General Seat in Pakistan Elections

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Breaking new ground, a Hindu woman in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Buner district has taken a historic step by filing her nomination papers for a general seat in the upcoming Pakistan elections, as reported by Dawn. The general elections are slated for February 8, 2024, marking a crucial political event in the country.

Saveera Parkash, a Hindu community member, formally submitted her nomination papers for the PK-25 general seat in Buner district. Expressing optimism, Parkash aspires to contest elections on a PPP ticket, following in the footsteps of her father, Oam Parkash. Her father, a recently retired doctor and dedicated PPP member for 35 years, serves as an inspiring figure.

Local politician Saleem Khan, affiliated with the Qaumi Watan Party, noted the historical significance of Parkash’s candidacy. Dawn highlights her as Buner’s first woman to submit nomination papers for the upcoming general seat elections.

A 2022 graduate of Abbottabad International Medical College, Parkash is currently the PPP women’s wing general secretary in Buner. Committed to community welfare, she aims to improve women’s lives by ensuring safety, fostering secure environment, and advocating for rights.

In an interview with Dawn, Parkash emphasised addressing the historical neglect and suppression of women in the development sector. She expressed her determination to tackle these issues if elected, underscoring her aspirations to follow in her father’s footsteps.

With a background in medicine, Parkash highlighted her commitment to serving humanity, a passion ingrained in her upbringing. Her choice to enter politics originates from firsthand experiences with poor management and helplessness in government hospitals during medical career.

Social media influencer Imran Noshad Khan from Buner commended Saveera Parkash for breaking stereotypes perpetuated by traditional patriarchy. Regardless of political affiliation, Khan emphasised the significance of a woman stepping forward to contest elections in a region that witnessed this milestone 55 years after Buner merged with Pakistan.

Recent amendments by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) now mandate a five percent inclusion of women candidates in general seats, a move contributing to increased gender representation in Pakistani politics, as reported by Dawn.

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