Realistic Measures for Effective Fitness: Expert Advice and Tips

Achieving a well-toned physique is often approached with various methods, but health and wellness expert Simran Valecha shares realistic measures to make a lasting difference. Here are some key tips for staying on track with fitness goals:

Optimal Workout Duration: Scientifically, an effective workout can be achieved in just 28 minutes. Spending more than an hour in the gym may not yield additional benefits.

Strategic Strength Training: Engage in strength training 3–4 times a week, focusing on different areas each day (full body, upper body, lower body). Adequate rest is crucial for recovery, emphasising that lifting weights daily is counterproductive.

Balanced Diet: In addition to strength training, maintain a balanced diet comprising protein, carbs, fats, and vegetables. A well-rounded approach is emphasized, moving beyond a singular focus on protein.

Valecha highlights the importance of incorporating strength training, which enhances metabolism and muscle growth, contributing to long-term fat burning. Cardio exercises are acknowledged for improving lung and heart health, building endurance, and optimizing oxygen use by muscles.

Bala Krishna Reddy Dabbedi, co-founder of Fittr, emphasises the distinction between weight loss and fat loss, promoting the latter as a more specific and health-focused goal. Fitness, he notes, extends beyond mere workouts, underscoring the significance of a well-rounded nutritional approach.

Gauthaman Ramesh, a fitness expert at, advises incorporating strength training for overall muscle tone but dispels the myth of spot reduction, emphasising full-body workouts. He underscores the importance of consistency over intensity for sustainable lifestyle shifts.

The integration of technology in the fitness industry is highlighted, with customer-centric apps enabling individuals to meet their fitness goals efficiently. These apps provide detailed nutritional information, allowing users to track and make informed decisions about their fat loss strategy.

In summary, the key to lasting fitness results lies in a holistic approach that combines smart training, mindful eating, and consistency. Valecha, Dabbedi, and Ramesh collectively emphasise the need for lifestyle shifts that are sustainable and promote overall well-being.

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