Taliban’s Restrictions on Women Lead UN To Leave Afghanistan

According to a statement released by the head of the “UN Development Programme,” the “United Nations” is ready to take the most difficult decision of stepping back from Afghanistan in May if they can’t convince the Taliban to let local women work for the organisation.

According to UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner, negotiations are underway between the UN and the Afghan government in the hopes that it will make an exception to a decree issued earlier this month that forbade local women from working for the UN.

According to Khaama Press, UNDP Administrator Achin Steiner stated that the current situation requires the entire United Nations organisation to take a step back and review its capacity to function there. However, it is not about bargaining over essential values like human rights.

In December 2022, the Taliban first prohibited girls from attending school and stopped them from continuing their education after the sixth grade. Then ban women from pursuing higher education and working for national, international, or private organisations.

After the replacement of democratically elected President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul, the Taliban have applied unreasonable and harsh measures to exclude women’s rights to study and work.

According to Steiner, “some of Afghanistan’s economic issues are a result of Taliban restrictions that prevent the majority of women from working.”

Numerous people have seen it happen and have heard reports of how the repressive laws against women have received broad condemnation from national and international groups, who worry that they might thwart humanitarian aid to Afghanistan’s most vulnerable citizens.

According to a number of experts, this action signals that the UN and the US are joining the Taliban in leaving Afghanistan to its own devices during their strict and repressive rule.

If the Taliban refuse to budge from their demands that women be permitted to work, the UN has determined that it will leave Afghanistan in May.

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