The brand ‘ ’ is changing the dynamics for the Retail Market for Stationery Products

Rohit Gangwani is a young dynamic entrepreneur who executed his thoughts with expertise and created “”  under the brand name “Hi-Friends”.

Rohit Gangwani saw the opportunity that there was no seller who was directly connected to the consumer, and then he founded the “”, India’s only direct to consumer brand in the stationery & bags segment. works under the brand name of  Hi-Friends, and they aim to become the top retailer for all the School Stationery & Office Products. The company has its own manufacturing unit and additional warehousing space for storage. They manufacture their own Pencil boxes, Pouches Bags, Notebooks & Other Fancy School Stationery, and office staff.

They aspire to be the number 1 in this business and want to provide their customers with quality products at affordable prices. wants to compete globally with their products and their quality. Their unique and fancy decisions make them different and better from others.

Starting from their old traditional business Rohit digitalized it and made the brand available to people across the nation. Anyone from the country can easily access their stationery now.  The special discounts and affordable prices on their products have made them a big hit in the market. 

Availability and affordability of the products have been a big boost to their business. Apart from their own manufactured products they are also associated with big brands like cello, parker, pilot, and Luxor.

Rohit Gangwani strongly believes in the make in India program of the government. He wants to take his business to the national level and wish to generate employment for a minimum 30 Indian. Rohit is a man of strong moral beliefs, and he understands his duty towards his nation. He wants to contribute a minimum of 50 lakhs in Taxes to the Indian government.

They own all their products, from manufacturing to shipment of the products there is no second person involved in that. The brand is not just an e-commerce service provider, they are providing a solution to an end-to-end relation with their customers that is not infiltrated by any second person. Due to this special feature, their service Delivery cost is much more affordable than any other brand.

For quality stationery products visit their website –  .  

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