What is e-passport that India will roll out soon for safe and easy international travel?

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According to S. Jaishankar, minister of external affairs, the central government plans to implement e-Passports to make it simpler to travel abroad, protect against identity theft, and improve data security.

At the Passport Seva Divas, Jaishankar addressed to reaffirm the government’s commitment to strengthening the citizen experience and public service.

In acknowledgement of the need to consistently raise the standard of passport services, Passport Seva Programme (PSP) will introduce PSP V2.0, an updated and better version of PSP V1.0. PSP V2.0 will make sure that there is a digital ecosystem among all parties involved and would give citizens better passport services.

By using standardised and liberalised procedures, cutting-edge and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, chatbots, big data use, advanced analytics, etc., it would provide effective governance from start to finish. The Ministry also intends to issue electronic passports to Indian citizens, which would ease international travel and improve data security and protection against identity theft.

An electronic passport will be able to perform the same functions as a physical passport and will also be more secure than a conventional passport since it will have an electronic chip that contains the same information as the printed passport.

The chip that is employed within the passport is used to store names, dates of birth, addresses, and other important data about the passport holder. The ability to instantly check a traveller’s information will be facilitated by this chip.

The concept of a chip-based e-passport is not new. More than 100 countries presently offer e-passports.

Ireland, Zimbabwe, Malawai, and India’s neighbours Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh are among the countries that have adopted e-passports, according to information provided by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

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