White House Warns Israel: No US Participation in Iran Retaliation

The White House has cautioned Israel against engaging in retaliatory strikes on Iran, emphasising that the United States will not partake in such actions, according to senior administration officials.

Iran launched over 300 drones and missiles at Israel overnight, citing retaliation for a strike on its consulate in Syria on April 1. However, Israeli, US, and allied forces intercepted almost all incoming weapons before reaching their targets.

During a conversation between President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden urged Israel to carefully consider its response to the unprecedented attack, which marked Iran’s direct assault on Israel.

Senior administration officials stated that Biden emphasised strategic deliberation, acknowledging Israel’s military prowess as evidenced by its effective interception of Iranian projectiles.

US aircraft and naval vessels successfully intercepted dozens of Iranian projectiles during the attack, including drones and ballistic missiles, demonstrating the US commitment to defending Israel. The conversation between Biden and Netanyahu occurred amidst heightened tension, with approximately 100 ballistic missiles heading towards Israel simultaneously.

While Biden underscored Israel’s advantageous position in the exchange, the White House refrained from explicitly advising against a substantial response, leaving the decision to the Israeli leadership.

National security spokesman John Kirby reiterated the US commitment to avoiding a broader conflict and expressed the same message to Iran through diplomatic channels. However, some US lawmakers and former officials criticised the US stance, urging a more assertive response.

Ohio Republican Representative Mike Turner argued that the conflict was already escalating, challenging the administration’s stance on de-escalation. Meanwhile, former National Security Adviser John Bolton advocated for US support if Israel chose to target Iran’s nuclear program.

In response to the attack, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson pledged renewed efforts to pass military aid for Israel. Previous attempts to provide aid stalled amid Democratic demands for assistance to Taiwan and Ukraine.

Former Deputy Secretary of Defence for the Middle East, Mick Mulroy, emphasised the importance of timely aid delivery, asserting that US support for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan aligns with national security interests.

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