Americans criticise Vivek Ramaswamy’s comments on Mike Pence and January 6.

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy recently expressed his perspective on the 2020 presidential election results and the actions of Mike Pence, the former vice president. In an interview on ‘Meet the Press’ with NBC News’ Chuck Todd, Vivek shared that he would have certified the election results differently and believed Pence had missed a significant opportunity for change on January 6, 2021.

Vivek emphasised that there was a historic chance to unite the nation during that period. He believed that when the principles of secure elections and peaceful power transfer are in conflict, it creates an opportunity for heroic actions. Vivek outlined his hypothetical approach, detailing how he would have driven “reforms” through Congress before certifying the election. These reforms included implementing single-day voting on Election Day, using paper ballots, and requiring government-issued IDs to match the voter file.

He envisioned a scenario where he, as president of the Senate, would have led comprehensive reforms and certified the election results based on these conditions. This would have paved the way for President Trump to sign the results into law and subsequently declare a re-election campaign, all following a free and fair election.

When questioned about his comparably limited experience compared to former President Donald Trump, Vivek expressed his intention to build upon Trump’s foundation and seek his guidance. Vivek aimed to continue challenging the administrative state and advance where Trump left off.

After the interview, Mike Pence’s campaign responded, highlighting the inconsistency in Vivek’s stance regarding January 6. Despite Vivek’s remarks during the debate, where he supported Pence’s adherence to the Constitution, his comments in the interview diverged from this position.

Vivek’s remarks generated criticism on social media, with some users questioning his understanding of civics and government principles. Others pointed out inaccuracies in his statements and likened his approach to the previous administration’s policy prescriptions.

Vivek Ramaswamy’s interview delved into his views on the 2020 election, his hypothetical approach to certification, and his aspiration to continue the trajectory set by the Trump administration. The interview elicited mixed reactions, with some praising his intent while others criticising his assertions and understanding of constitutional principles.

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