Bill Gates defines AI as the biggest technological innovation

According to Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft, the development of artificial intelligence (AI) represents the most major technological progress in decades.

He compared it to the development of the microprocessor, personal computer, the Internet, and the mobile phone in a blog post on Tuesday.

He predicted that it would alter how people learn, travel, work,  access healthcare, and interact with one another. He was discussing the technology behind products like the chatbot ChatGPT. OpenAI created ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that is built to respond to internet questions in a conversational, human-like manner.

Microsoft, where Mr. Gates continues to serve as an advisor, invested several billion dollars in the project’s team in January 2023.

It is not the only AI-powered chatbot, though; Google just unveiled a rival named “Bard.”

Since 2016, according to Mr. Gates, he has been working with OpenAI, the group behind the artificial intelligence that drives the chatbot ChatGPT.

In his blog, Mr. Gates stated that in 2022 he issued the OpenAI team a challenge to develop an AI that can successfully pass an Advanced Placement (AP) Biology exam, which is approximately equivalent to an A-level exam, under the strict condition that it cannot have been specifically programmed to respond to questions about biology.

A few months later, the results were made public. He claimed to have received a nearly perfect score, missing only one mark out of a possible 50.

Following the test, Mr. Gates claimed he instructed the AI to write a letter to the father of a sick child.

He remarked, “It wrote a deliberative response that was probably better than most of us in the room would have provided; I knew I had just witnessed the most significant development in technology since the GUI.”

A “graphical user interface (GUI)” is a visual display that enables interaction with pictures and icons rather than a display that only shows text and requires keyboard input.

Its creation paved the way for the Windows and Mac OS operating systems in the 1980s, and it continues to be a crucial component of computing.

And Mr. Gates asserts that he thinks AI technology will produce similar breakthroughs.

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