Chitiz Agarwal is guiding his company to the path of success

No matter what you are doing, a good leader is always beneficial. Especially when you are involved in a business because handling business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Setting your business is like setting an umpire you can’t do it in one day and definitely not without a team and a leader.

A leader, a motivator, or a mentor can abate your hardships and teaches you to turn your hard work into smart work. One such loved mentor is Chitiz Agarwal. 

Chitiz is the CEO of Techila Global Services, a company that provides cloud-based software and mobile digital solutions for the enterprise. Techila Global Services provides Salesforce CRM and operates in India and the USA. 

Chitiz has been a successful entrepreneur for the last 8 years and has experience of more than a decade in the technology domain. He is a Forbes Technology Council Member and a Community Group Leader in Salesforce Trailblazer Community.

Chitiz believes in inspiring others through his work. He is a man with experience and wisdom and wants to share his knowledge with others. He knows the power of knowledge and awareness. Furthermore, he understands how crucial it is to get knowledge and how it can change anyone’s life. He also understands that not everyone can afford good quality education. He aims to provide free education to people on the Salesforce ecosystem. 

He is the founder of Techila Global Services and his experience in the technology domain has contributed heavily to the success of the company. Under his mentorship, the company gains massive success in marketing and promotions. He and his team understand their customers’ needs and work accordingly. 

With his expertise and knowledge, he created a strong and powerful image of his company in the market. Entrepreneurs look up to him for inspiration. He is the Guru of this field and has integrated with big brands like QuickBook, Xero, WordPress, Moodle, Goto Meeting, Dropbox, Amazon. His unique strategies and advance plans have helped the company boost the cross-selling, up-selling of clients’ business. 

He is renowned in the sales and marketing field for his effective designs and distinct marketing strategies. He knows all the ups and downs of the business and mentors his team to be prepared for any mishap. His experience in this domain makes him an expert and his company the most preferred choice by the businessman. 

With his excellent team leading skills his company has now more than 500+ happy customers and 800+ complete projects, Techila Global Services is a reputed name in the market. They also have 100+ third party integration and 500+ happy customers.

His knowledge came from his zeal for constant learning. He was a B. Tech student with more than 3 Major Salesforce certifications and has experience of more than 14 years in His skills and knowledge are not restricted to this, he is also involved in all the aspects of Software Development for instance requirement engineering, architecture design, development, enhancements, testing, and deployment, and can also perform these tasks independently. His personal blog is  

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