My country is changing: Internet is being liked by rural women, villagers have challenged the domination of urban

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The number of active Internet users is constantly increasing in both the country and rural areas these days. In comparison to 2019, the use of the internet in villages has increased by 45 per cent.

The majority of these users are female. After 2019, their percentage increased to 61 per cent. Men, on the other hand, have climbed by 24%. However, 60% of the rural population still does not use the internet regularly. According to a recent Nielsen India 2.0 Internet study, there were 646 million active internet users over the age of two in December 2021 across the country. However, in terms of active internet users, rural India currently outnumbers metropolitan areas. In rural areas, there are 352 million internet users.

Our country has risen to the top of the list of countries with the lowest data costs, resulting in increased internet penetration. All of these factors have contributed to the rapid growth of the internet throughout the country. This year will also witness the launch of 5G, which might see a lot of momentum in some places. The administration is working hard to advance the digital agenda, and a substantial number of gramme panchayats are being brought online. People will directly benefit from the government’s initiatives.

According to this report, the number of active internet users among women in rural areas has increased significantly. This suggests that rural India is eager to embrace technology. Approximately 90% of consumers access the Internet daily. Users aged 50 and up are also frequent Internet users, with 81% of this age group accessing the Internet daily. Mobile phones, on the other hand, continue to dominate as a way of accessing the Internet across all age groups and locations. Users over the age of 12 enjoy watching videos on the internet. However, social networking or chatting is still the most popular way to use the internet in the United States.

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