Shashi Tharoor’s ‘shabashi’ for musician Vishal Dadlani amid Prophet row

Image credit: Hindustan Times

In the midst of the continuing controversy over former BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma’s statements about Prophet Muhammad, Bollywood singer Vishal Dadlani apologised to Indian Muslims and all Indians on Thursday.

In a tweet, the musician expressed his regret for the “ugly nature” of Indian politics, which he believes will continue to divide the country’s people into smaller factions until everyone is alone. A politician, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, praised the tweet when it went viral. Protests on the Prophet Row in Ranchi: A top cop is reprimanded for posting questionable posters.

Vishal Dadlani’s statement was backed by Tharoor, who praised him for speaking for the “great silent majority.”

Vishal Dadlani, a vociferous opponent of the BJP, tweeted on Thursday: “I want to say this to Indian Muslims on behalf of a majority of Indian Hindus.” You’ve been seen and heard, and you’ve been loved and cherished. Your anguish is our anguish. Your loyalty is unquestionable, and your identity poses no threat to India or any other religion. “We are a single nation, a single family.”

“I also want to convey this to all Indians,” the musician stated, explaining that all of the divisive politics is for personal gain. I’m sincerely sad for Indian politics’ ugliness, which will joyfully separate us into smaller and smaller groups until we’re all alone. They’re all doing it for their own personal gain, not for the benefit of the general public. Allowing them to triumph is not an option.”

On Friday, violent protests broke out in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and West Bengal, demanding that Nupur Sharma be arrested for making disparaging remarks about Prophet Muhammad during a live television debate. Her primary membership was revoked by the party, yet the dispute remained unabated. The UP government began bulldozing the riot-residence accused’s after protests.

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