The Indian PM met with the Australian PM and discussed the attacks on temples in Australia.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese, met with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Mr. Modi discussed his concerns about the unethical activities of pro-Khalistani groups in Australia and attacks on Hindu temples in that country.

The Prime Ministers of two countries also discussed increasing “bilateral trade ties,” and for this they decided to form a “comprehensive economic cooperation agreement (CECA).”

In his media remark, Mr. Modi emphasised the importance of the India-Australia partnership and stated that it is essential for both regional peace and security as well as global wellbeing.

“The problem of vandalism on temples in Australia and the actions of separatist forces have previously been discussed by Prime Minister Albanese and me. Additionally, we talked about it today, Mr. Modi remarked.

“It is not tolerable to us that anybody hurts the mutually beneficial and warm relationship between Australia and India by their behaviour or ideology,” he declared.

Mr. Modi commended Mr. Albanese for prosecuting those responsible for such crimes.

Prime Minister Albanese reassured him today that he would pursue tough measures against these individuals in the future as well, Mr. Modi added.

Mr. Modi stated that the regularity of his meetings with his Australian counterpart demonstrated the strength of the India-Australia friendship.

According to Mr. Modi, the two parties had productive conversations about their strategic partnership in the mining and vital mineral industries. The two parties have made the decision to concentrate their conversation on green hydrogen collaboration.

Australia will open a new consulate general in Bengaluru, according to Mr. Albanese’s statement.

At “Sydney’s Admiralty House,” Mr. Modi received a formal guard of honour prior to the talks.

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